Pineapple Palm

Pineapple Palm (Phoenix Canariensis):

Also known as the Canary Island Date Palm, the Pineapple palm was named for its unique shape, which resembles a pineapple at the crown with wide arching exotic fronds at the top. A favorite among commercial properties and homeowners alike, these evergreen palms are elegant, showy, and hardy. Plant near pools, walkways, driveways, and other landscaping areas for shade and beauty. The females yield inedible orange fruit.

Light Needs:

Full sun

Watering Needs:

Infrequent watering required

Average Landscape Size:

Slow growing with leaves up to 18-feet long and 15-20 foot height (but can get much taller over time)

Key Features:

Cold tolerant, durable, regal, waterwise


Inconspicuous off-white flowers

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