Learn the Do’s and Dont’s of Designing Your Ideal Arizona Landscape


Arizona consistently ranks as one of the ten hottest states in the US.

With average high temperatures of over one hundred degrees between June and September, many people assume Arizona landscape design is an uphill battle.

Although the climate of Arizona does present some interesting landscaping challenges, it’s still possible to transform any space into an ideal landscape.

To help you achieve your landscaping goals and avoid costly mistakes, we’ve put together a list of the thirteen most important design do’s and dont’s:

1. Do Integrate Seasonal Color

A common misconception by people who don’t live in cities like Gilbert or Chandler is there aren’t different seasons in Arizona.

Since the state does flow through all four seasons, explore highlighting different colors throughout the year. Plants like desert marigold and damianita daisy are great seasonal options to consider.

2. Don’t Choose the Wrong Plant Sizes

It is a good idea to visit local nurseries for inspiration. Just be sure you don’t immediately buy any plants based on their current size.

There are plenty of desert plants that will double or triple in size after being taken out of a nursery pot and planted outside. So before choosing any plants for your outdoor space, talk to a professional about how big they will eventually get.

3. Do Choose Low Water Use Plants

In recent years, per capita water usage across Arizona has declined. A variety of conservation efforts have spurred this improvement. One example is increased awareness about low water use plants.

There are literally hundreds of plant species that require very little water to thrive. You can decorate your yard with amazing succulents, perennials, annuals, shrubs, and vines without significantly increasing your water usage.

4. Don’t Underestimate Consistency

It’s easy to get very excited about all the different options you see while walking around a nursery. But taking home everything that catches your eye and planting it around your yard isn’t going to yield an optimal design.

Consistency is a very important part of creating a landscape that looks great. As you’re considering individual elements for your landscape, be sure to evaluate how they will all look with each other.

5. Do Hire an Arizona Landscape Professional

There’s a lot that goes into creating the ideal landscape. In addition to proper planning, there’s all the work that goes into bringing a design to life.

Then once a landscape is complete, keeping it in ideal shape requires the right approach to maintenance. Although all of this can get overwhelming as an individual homeowner, a landscape design professional can unburden you.

Whether you need help with design, installation, maintenance or each of those phases, the right landscape professional will provide all the resources and support you need.

6. Don’t Plant Too Deep

It’s easy to overestimate how deeply flowers or trees should be planted. Many seeds only need to be planted 1/8 inch deep. The problem with going too deep is it can result in what you plant dying.

You can avoid this problem by researching the optimal depth for each type of vegetation you plant. Doing this upfront research will prevent you from needing to spend time and money on replacements.

7. Do Think About Irrigation

An ideal Arizona landscape will take the individual water needs of different plants into account and strategically arrange them in groups. This approach to design will allow you to create an irrigation system that minimizes water waste.

8. Don’t Use Too Much Water

Most plants require the most water during their first year in the ground. Once they mature, you can significantly cut back on watering.

You can also reduce your watering frequency during cooler times of the year. Only using as much water as plants actually need will help them thrive. An added benefit is saving money on your water bill.

9. Do Integrate Pavers

Separation is one of the traits shared by the best Arizona landscape designs. Pavers are an excellent way to create separation in the space you’re designing. There are several advantages to using pavers.

One is their ability to handle the rigorous weather conditions in Arizona. Another advantage is the flexibility pavers provide for creating a truly custom outdoor area of any type.

10. Don’t Assume Plants Are Dead

A common mistake homeowners make when assessing their current plants or taking care of landscape maintenance is assuming plants are dead.

In many cases, plants are simply dormant and don’t need to be replaced. You can tell the difference through feel.

Parts of a dormant plant will be pliable and difficult to break. A truly dead plant will be very brittle and dry when you touch it.

11. Do Use Mulch

There are several benefits to using mulch for Arizona landscape planting. One benefit is mulch cools the area it’s over and reduces evaporation.

Another benefit of mulch is it helps protect against erosion and weed growth. It’s also easy to find mulch that will match the look of the area you’re creating.

12. Don’t Go Overboard with Pruning

Pruning trees, plants, and shrubs throughout the year is an important part of landscape maintenance. Just be sure you don’t cut too much away.

Too much pruning can weaken plants. Taking a less is more approach to pruning will keep plants healthy and ensure they look their best.

13. Do Consider an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

What you choose to plant in the ground plays a big role in Arizona landscape design. But there are a number of other elements you should also think about as you’re planning the perfect outdoor space.

Adding a fireplace or fire pit can help create a space where you love spending time. Not only do these outdoor elements look great, but they provide a lot of enjoyment when the temperature drops lower at night.

Making this type of investment in your landscape design can also increase the overall value of your home. You can get the most for your money by working with an experienced professional.

If you want to explore your available options for adding a fireplace or fire pit, you can easily schedule a free design consultation with Edgewater Design Company through our website.


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