5 Expert Tips For Sustainable Landscaping In Tempe

Sustainable Landscaping In Tempe

The American Society of Landscape Architects reports that nearly 80% of clients demand sustainable elements in their landscaping projects. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or hiring a landscaper, there’s never been such a wide variety of great sustainable landscaping options available.

As climate change forces our perspectives to shift, it’s important that all of our individual decisions go to combatting the rapid destruction of our planet. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have beautiful lawns and homes, only that we must take the rest of the environment into consideration when landscaping.

If you’re looking for an ethical way to improve your yard, start with these 5 tips for a sustainable landscaping practice.

1. Make A Plan

Before you put your shovel into the ground, you should take a moment to write down or map out what you are aiming for. If you want to create order and beauty, think about how to work with what you have. For homeowners with kids, you may want to just create a fun space for kids to play.

Perhaps you like to entertain guests in your backyard but want to create some growth to keep the noise from disturbing neighbors. You might even just be looking for a nice garden to grow food in.

Thankfully, you could design for all of these things at once. After you lay out your purpose, you can start getting a feel for which spaces would be ideal for each component.

2. Native Plants Are Best

In order to make growth easier and contribute to the soil, insect, and pollination needs of your area choose native plans. It’s easier to grow an Arizona plant in Arizona than a Florida plant in Maine. It’s always better to have a local look and feel, anyhow.

Think about what your property has to offer with regard to sun and shade. Unless you use locally grown plants, you’ll end up having to work hard to maintain their health in what could be an extreme climate for them.

You’ll also be keeping things sustainable by using fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

3. Choose Grass Carefully

Your goal for sustainable landscaping should be to create a yard and a project that uses as little water as possible. Lawns can need constant care and water to keep that lusciousness you’re probably seeking.

Thankfully not all grasses are created equal. Find a grass that is a little more robust and requires less frequent watering. It might not give you that ideal fluffiness you’ll find up north but you’ll be landscaping much more ethically.

4. Use Organic When Possible

If you need to use fertilizers and pesticides, seek out organic solutions. If pests are an issue, find natural ways to fend them off.

Look into integrated pest management. Introducing a local insect population that is the natural enemy of the bugs eating your vegetation could help cut back on pesticide use. Also, attracting birds can be a great way to keep your lawn bug-free.

5. Water Wisely

The best times to water are going to be early in the morning or after 5 pm. This way you won’t have to worry about evaporation or overheating your plants.

If it’s windy, wait to water until later in the day.

Sustainable Landscaping Creates Ethical Beauty

If you’re an aesthete who also cares about the environment, you don’t have to have a wild and overgrown lawn to maintain your ethics. There are lots of smart decisions you can make about your landscaping approach that won’t hurt the environment.

If you’re ready to start your next landscaping project, contact us for more tips on staying eco-friendly.


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