The Hottest Garden Trends Of 2018

garden trends for 2018

Gardening is an art. It takes patience, planning, and an eye for design.

Getting into gardening is not hard. Some people view it as the perfect alone time, as a place and time to think about life and de-stress. You could grow your own vegetables or simply get some exercise. It can become your new favorite activity.

Gardening can also completely transform the look and feel of your home, and can even raise its market value. Adding a little love goes a very long way.

If this has at least peaked your interest on the matter, or if you’re a life-long gardener, follow along to learn more about some of the hottest garden trends of 2018. You’re bound to be inspired and create a stunning garden design.

1. A Pop of Color

When you picture a garden, you think about a grand open green space. However, one of the current trends is to add a block of color somewhere amongst the green. Some people take this to be colorful patio furniture, a fountain, or even a small wooden greenhouse painted with your favorite color.

2. Incorporating Native Plants

Working native plants into a design can be challenging. Normally, one would not pick these plants in a design. However, recently people have found immense success by incorporating native plants into their designs.

For instance, if you live in arid, dry land, try incorporating cacti into your design. Not only will this give your garden a cool look, but you will also be sure that you’re not disturbing the natural eco-system of your surroundings.

3. Floating Seats

First came the floating bookshelves, and now floating seats. They are a fantastic idea for gardens. All you need is a couple of walls, a slab of wood, and someone who’s handy with tools.

It can be a great DIY project for a couple of woodwork nerds. It will transform your space, giving it a great pop of color with the wood or material chosen, and will make your garden the perfect place to cozy up with a book.

4. Soft Lighting

Fairy lights have been all the rage in college dorms and your teen’s room. However, why not try adding them to your garden? They can make your space look like a fairytale dream.

The choice is yours. You can decide to drape them over the branches of your tallest trees, on the roof of your patio, or along some bushes. If you have a small trail in your garden, try adding some of the bigger bulbs on some posts. Give it a whirl and see what looks best.

5. Incorporating Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is all about light, neutral colors. It is taking over the gardening scene after it became a hit with interior designers.

Switching out your patio furniture for some sleek, white or light gray couches will give you the desired look. Fur rugs and throws will give it the extra Scandinavian touch.

6. Statement Plants

Small plants usually require a lot of maintenance. For this reason, large statement plants are becoming more popular, since they are easily cared for and don’t need much attention.

Placing them around some smaller, decorative flowers can make them pop. As a tip, they look great near the front of your home. It’s a great way to build a grand entrance!

7. Chameleon Plants

Now, you may be wondering. What the heck is a chameleon plant? Recently, these magical plants have made an appearance in the gardening sphere. They change colors according to the temperature around them. The colors range from a deep purple to green to orange. Amazing!

8. Container Combinations

Your potted plants no longer have to be boring. A trend I’ve been loving is potted combinations. Adding different colored plants or flowers in pots can make an incredible statement in your garden, adding a touch of interest it lacked previously.

9. Multi-purpose Features

If you like to entertain in your garden, this is the perfect trend for you. Adding features that serve a double purpose has been popular in all aspects of design. In the garden realm, this means creating a table that also has a fire-pit in the middle, for instance.

Roasting your marshmallows has never been so fun and convenient!

10. Craftsmanship

One of the coolest garden trends floating around involves pieces that involve great craftsmanship. Whether that be a beautiful, hand-carved set of table and chairs or a stunning stone arch, the piece can add character and style to your garden.

Where you want to add this personalized touch is up to you. It can make your garden look like it just came alive from a movie or a different time period.

11. Grow Stuff!

Growing food is rewarding. You’re also more likely to eat your veggies if you’re the one who grows them. Your grocery bills will decrease and your tummy will be happy.

Experimenting with what you grow can also be extremely fun. Don’t limit yourself to veggies. You can grow almost any fruit, spice, or herb as well if you research how to take care of it and in what conditions it can grow.

12. Restoring Habitats

With so many animals nearing the endangered species list, it’s important to make sure we’re doing the best we can when it comes to restoring habitats. Destroying an ecosystem or creating an imbalance in it is never the goal when it comes to gardening.

One of the greatest garden trends floating around right now is restoring habitats for local animals. Whether that means creating an environment where bees can thrive, or birds can come and eat, the smallest touch can have the greatest impact.

What To Do With These Garden Trends

Now that you’ve learned about the top garden trends of 2018, its time to put them to good use. Transform your space into the garden you always knew you wanted, but never knew you could create.

However, if you’ve never been good at this sort of stuff or feel like you don’t have a time, don’t hesitate to give us a call. I can give you a free design consultation for your space and we can get started on an amazing project!


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