5 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Home Entertainment

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You probably won’t be surprised to find that outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity. Moving an activity hub like a kitchen outdoors allows for more entertaining space and a chance to spend time outside.

While a popular trend, deciding exactly what you want and how you want it to look can be challenging.

Are you planning on creating an outdoor kitchen soon and wondering where to start? Keep reading for five outdoor kitchen design ideas you shouldn’t miss!

1. Add Core Elements

Sometimes people create outdoor kitchen spaces and only include barbecues as their cooking element. While nice to have, barbecues are limiting.

Consider installing a cooktop built into your outdoor counters. You likely will get much more use out of the space by having this option.

Also be sure to install a sink. This will allow you to prep whatever you are cooking outside. This is helpful if you have guests over. If you don’t include a sink, you likely will have to be running in and out between outside and your indoor kitchen.

2. Impress With a Wood-Fired Oven

In addition to having a cooktop, you should also think about including a wood-fired oven in your outdoor kitchen design.

Are you a pizza lover? If you are, you definitely want to work one of these ovens into your space. Using one will help you achieve a scrumptious smokey flavor.

3. Storage is Key

Similar to the thought process for including a sink outdoors mentioned above, you absolutely should plan for storage options with your outdoor kitchen.

If you don’t keep essentials like mixing bowls and measure cups, you will waste time running back and forth between spaces.

Another helpful tip is to include a small fridge outdoors. In addition to chilling beer or wine, you can keep spare condiments like mustard and ketchup outside for those burgers and hot dogs.

4. Include a Covered Space to Entertain

If you spend time and money putting in a great outdoor kitchen, don’t skip over a place to entertain. Include comfy outdoor furniture and cozy pillows and throw blankets.

Don’t forget to think about adding a firepit. This will keep you and your guests warm even in the off seasons. Check this helpful guide of things to consider when adding in a firepit.

5. Keep Things Simple

One final tip to help you with your space is when in doubt, keep things simple! You don’t need to go overboard with design elements to make it a great space.

Focus on having everything you need to cook and entertain first. Then accent with a few color elements. Seek out greenery that does well in your climate area.

One way to bring your outdoor kitchen to the next level is to string lights along the roof. Be sure to check out solar light options to save on energy costs.

Time to Get Started With Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Hopefully one or more of these tips has helped you feel even more excited to get started on your outdoor kitchen space!

What are you most excited about with your new outdoor kitchen?

Do you have additional questions? Ready to talk design? If so, contact us and we would love to chat with you about your vision.


Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining and enjoying more time outside. As a top Chandler outdoor kitchen design company, we have the knowledge and design sense to make the outdoor kitchen you’ve dreamed about a reality! 

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