5 Benefits Of Travertine Decking In Chandler

Benefits Of Travertine Decking In Chandler

In Chandler, you can count on summer to be sweltering and dry. That 96-degree air temperature translates to more than 150 degrees on sun-warmed concrete. Think of your tender feet!

Your backyard pool is an oasis against the heat of summer. You need a deck that’s beautiful, durable and safe for bare feet.

Travertine is the ideal material to enhance your environment. Read on for five great benefits of travertine decking.

1. Durability

The builders of the Coliseum chose travertine as a long-lasting and durable material. While many materials will bleach and fade in the harsh Arizona sun, the vivid natural colors of travertine do not change.

Travertine is twice as strong as concrete pavers and up to six times as strong as brick. Its estimated lifespan is measured in decades and centuries, not months or years.

2. Slip Safety

Travertine is slip resistant enough to meet the commercial standards for pool decking in Arizona. Although residential standards are more forgiving, it is nice to know that travertine decking maintains its safety against slips and falls even while wet.

Water is always present around pools and travertine does a better job of absorbing water than concrete pavers or tile. Although it feels smooth, the non-slip, porous surface has more, not less grip when wet.

3. Beauty

As mentioned, the vivid colors of travertine do not fade. Travertine colors range from the palest ivory to gold, walnut, and brown. Occasionally, red, gray or bluish tones are seen.

Travertine is virtually maintenance free. It is available in tumbled (textured and porous surface), honed (smooth and matte surface) and polished (filled smooth and shiny surface.) Generally, pool decks are made with tumbled texture.

Travertine is used throughout Europe and the Middle East and is one of the most well-known materials of the last 4,000 years. The natural stone enhances indoor and outdoor spaces and can be used in very modern or classic applications.

4. Temperature Safety

With the exception of the darkest colors, travertine is 20%-30% cooler than concrete. The tumbled texture allows heat to dissipate, so the stone will not retain heat. Although it will still get warm, the potential to burn is much, much lower.

5. All Natural

Travertine is a limestone formed around hot springs and in caves. It’s an all-natural material that does not off-gas like artificial turf, effloresce (the powdery white salt build-up on concrete) or expose people to petroleum byproducts. The non-slip properties are due to the porous surface and do not require coatings or special treatments.

Choose Travertine Decking in Chandler

For a high-end, luxury look in Chandler, nothing beats travertine decking for the combination of durability, safety, and style. Nothing beats travertine for its suitability for the climate in Chandler. It’s smooth and cool to the touch, does not retain heat, and does not fade in the sun.

If you are looking for an experienced design company with experts to guide you through the process of making your pool more beautiful with travertine decking, check out our gallery and contact us today!


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