5 Beautiful Water Feature Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Incorporating a water feature design into your garden is one of the best ways to add an elegant touch to your yard. Not only does the trickle of water add a relaxing atmosphere, water also adds to the ecology of your garden.

Here are 5 elegant water feature design ideas sure to complete your garden.

Picturesque Ponds

Ponds are one of the easiest water features to incorporate into one’s garden. Many suppliers come with pre-built liner and edging setups. However, if you want your own look, then designing your own custom pond is the work of a weekend at most.

The size of your pond is only limited by the bounds of your garden. Just remember the best ponds thrive with maintenance. It’s recommended you perform a full cleanout of your pond at least once a year, so plan for that future effort.

Consider Depth

Water feature variation isn’t just about size and design, it’s also a matter of depth.

Keeping any standing water shallow is an excellent way to extend your garden. Many species of water plants thrive the best when their roots are kept wet and their leaves are able to extend above the surface of the water.

By employing a shallow water feature design you create the ideal environment for a thriving water garden.

Faux Rivers

A faux river is a great way to include different water feature elements into your garden without clutter. Just remember to plan for how people will navigate the space.

Incorporating a bridge into your faux river feature is a great way to make your design truly photo-ready and allow people to navigate your garden more easily.

If bridges aren’t your cup of tea, then employing a well-designed stepping stone feature is also an option.

Stepping stone crossings not only make your garden easier to navigate, they also keep the silhouette of your garden cleaner. This allows other features, such as plants or fountains, to dominate one’s eyeline.

Eclectic Waterfalls

For something a little different, incorporate your waterfalls using eclectic elements. Falls appearing from the lip of a clay pot or over an arched doorway can make for a striking water feature.

If you prefer your garden sans standing water, then a disappearing waterfall design is a great alternative. The placement of a recessed weir allows water from your falls to disappear into a below-ground cistern. River rocks are an ideal addition to the design as they allow the water to drain through but keep the illusion of the water vanishing.

Incorporate Fire

The pairing of fire and water in garden design makes for a striking visual.

A raised fire pit incorporated into your water feature design can not only enhance the visual aesthetic of the space, it can also make the area a comfortable space to relax year-round, night or day.

Complete Your Garden With an Elegant Water Feature Design

Whether you’re brainstorming an all-new landscape design or adding some final touches to an already sculpted garden, an elegant water feature is sure to be the talk of your visitors.

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