Coral Fountain Grass

Coral Fountain Grass (red, yellow) (Russelia Equisetiformis):

Sometimes called the Firecracker Plant, this cascading, fountain-like perennial shrub shows off multiple layers of coral red or yellow flowers which resemble a fountain as they hang over pots or hanging baskets. Nectar-filled flowers, which attract butterflies and hummingbirds, are a wonderful addition to a variety of landscapes.

Light Needs:

Full sun to partial shade

Watering Needs:

Weekly or more frequently in extreme heat

Average Landscape Size:

Up to 3 foot width and height

Key Features:

Waterwise, cascading layers of blooms, attractive to wildlife


Layers of red or yellow flowers bloom spring through fall

Coral Fountain Grass: The Perfect Complement for Your Peaceful Garden

A simple and hearty spritz-like plant, coral fountain grass can be utilized to enhance all types of gardens. It is especially effective when utilized as a hanging plant or a decorative addition to water features.


When this plant is allowed to grow in warm conditions, it sports a bright red tubular flower. Its perfect blooms attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies, adding even more natural beauty and interest to your garden as well as benefiting the ecosystem. When flowers are in bloom, they become a “hot spot” for butterflies and hummingbirds searching for a quick treat.


Mature coral fountain grass flower clusters can become thick enough to eclipse the full and boisterously green foliage of the plant’s stalks. Our supply of coral fountain grass varieties can enhance beds and pots wherever onlookers might linger to enjoy an active natural scene.


We can help you infuse your garden with healthy coral fountain grass clusters that produce tube-shaped flowers that resemble a collection of long red bells. These bells hang freely atop the scaly green shoots, and they are filled with a very sweet and mild nectar. The flowers are present throughout the growing season, and they even stay on when temperatures drop.

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