Twisted Myrtle

Twisted Myrtle (Myrtus Boetica):

Due to its contorted, bonsai-like shape, homeowners enjoy the architectural appeal of this unique evergreen shrub. Hardy and waterwise, the Twisted, or Desert Myrtle thrives in desert climates and features aromatic deep green leaves and tiny white flowers.

Both the starburst flowers and dark green foliage happen to give off a pleasant aroma, especially when brushing up against the leaves. So, if you’d like a low-maintenance plant that will add a sweet smell to your garden with little to no litter, this is the perfect shrub for you!

Cultivated for centuries in the ancient Mediterranean, this plant is both drought tolerant and cold hardy—perfect for the Arizona climate! The Twisted Myrtle lives up to its namesake, with twisted branching that adds an interesting focal point to your home’s landscape. Whether it’s by the pool, on the patio, or framing your front entryway, this plant is sure to add curb appeal to any property. At Edgewater Design Company, we’re happy to plant them wherever you see fit.

Myrtus communis Boetica grows at a moderate rate, reaching from 6 to 8 ft. in height. Unlike other shrubs in its genus, it maintains a more upright structure. This makes it a great privacy hedge, accent, or focal point when placed in a large container. We can leave it in its natural rounded shape, or transform it into a small tree depending on your aesthetic preference.

Light Needs:

Full sun

Watering Needs:

Occasional watering once established

Average Landscape Size:

Average of 4 foot width and 6-8 foot height

Key Features:

Aromatic, drought tolerant, low maintenance, waterwise


Small, white blooms in the spring and summer

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