11 Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas You Need to See

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard makes life in your home more fun for you, your family and your friends. Once you decide to sell, it can also boost your home’s property value up to 8% according to the National Association of Realtors.

There are lots of options for swimming pool design which will make the most of your location, appeal to your particular taste, and fit within your budget. You may be surprised by the variety of looks that can result from both creative architecture and landscaping.

Check out these eleven ideas for creating a beautiful swimming pool oasis on your property.

  1. Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a popular feature in swimming pool design, offering soothing sounds to go with the attractive visuals. If you seek a pool which will merge into the surrounding landscape, a waterfall made from rocks can make the area look like it was a natural occurrence.

Waterfalls also fit in well with modern designs, with water running down mosaic walls. Adding dramatic lighting to these features will increase their nighttime impact.

On hot days, sitting under the refreshing splash of a waterfall is a delight for swimmers of all ages.

  1. Submerged Step

A submerged step at one end of the pool encourages those who are not Olympic caliber swimmers to lounge in the cool water.

This design offers easier access for people with mobility issues, or for smaller children and pets to enter the pool.

This is another appropriate option for climates where the temperatures get very hot. With this design, you can stay in the pool all day.

  1. Pool House

A pool house is a convenient place to change into bathing suits, store pool equipment and toys, and even provide guest quarters for overnight visitors.

Also known as a casita, this extra living space will enable you to offer even more hospitality and comfort to friends and family, while at the same time adding further value to your home.

  1. Creative Pavings

Stone paving can create many different looks for your backyard poolside, from brick pavers to the sleek modern look of slate.

Paved walkways are a beautiful way to lead guests from your home through your gardens to your swimming pool, transporting them to another world.

  1. Infinity Pools

An infinity pool can create a breathtaking illusion of water spilling into the sky. This design works especially well if your property looks out onto a spectacular view, or if it is situated on a cliff or hillside.

Infinity pools around the world integrate the surrounding landscape into the property’s architectural construction, creating endless expanses of blue. No matter where you live, homeowners with the advantage of a breathtaking view can maximize their pool’s impact by choosing this option for swimming pool design.

  1. Palm Trees

Palm trees waving in the breeze can turn any pool into a desert oasis. There are numerous species of this hardy plant, including varieties which are drought resistant and thus suitable for dry arid climates with little rainfall.

Landscaping with palm trees will evoke old Hollywood glamour and tropical paradises. These majestic plants will not only add color, shade and drama to your poolside area, but they can form a natural fence if you are seeking a little privacy from your neighbors.

  1. Shade Structures

If you live in a desert climate, sometimes it is too hot to linger outdoors, even when you can stay in a pool. The hot sun can bake every exposed surface.

Shade structures are a terrific way to make your outdoor space more hospitable even at the highest temperatures. You can choose lightweight fabric shade sails, or more permanent structures like ramadas and pergolas.

A ramada roof is usually a rectangular or square structure with a closed roof which gives shelter from heat, dust and rain. A pergola, on the other hand, has a more open style roof with cross beams These often create an attractive shaded area without completely enclosing the space.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Another popular trend in swimming pool design now includes the installation of full outdoor kitchens. These additions can truly turn the backyard into another room of the house.

These features will certainly add to the value of your home, but you may not want to divest very quickly. You will be having too much fun hosting barbeques, pool parties and even formal functions outdoors.

  1. Fireplaces and Firepits

If you are interested in hosting sunset cocktail parties or serving s’mores after dark, you might include a fire pit in your backyard design.

Sharing a glass of wine by the light of a glowing fire pit under the stars can also be a romantic setting if you want to just spend some time home alone with a loved one.

Incorporating a customized fire pit into your swimming pool design also provides your home with an easy, cost-effective source of natural heat.

  1. Lighting

Lighting can create an inviting atmosphere around your pool after dark, in addition to eliminating risks of tripping and falling in the darkness.

You may want to consider LED lights along the paths from your home or pool house to the water so that nighttime frolicking does not lead to accidents.

  1. Travertine Decking

For hot desert climates, travertine decking has become popular for several reasons: they are 20-30% cooler than other surfaces, and they are more water absorbent than tiles or flagstones.

For families expecting children to be using their pools, travertine tends to be more slip-resistant.

This soft stone is actually very durable as well, and requires less frequent patching and maintenance than other surfaces commonly used in swimming pool design.

Innovative Swimming Pool Design: Create Paradise in Your Own Backyard

There are so many ways to transform a patch of water and concrete into an idyllic space, far away from the worries of the world. You can surely find a way to design your swimming pool in a way that works with your climate, terrain and budget.

Speak to a swimming pool design expert to find out how to turn your backyard into the stuff that dreams are made of.


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