Pool Builders in Chandler: Modern Design Trends to Ask Them About


Adding a backyard pool to your home is a great investment, as well as a great way to give you and your family a place to relax and have fun. But choosing the right design for your backyard space can be overwhelming. With so many design options out there, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

If you’re looking to create a modern pool space that is both beautiful and functional, keep reading. We’re breaking down a few of the latest design trends that you need to ask your pool builders in Chandler about!

Infinity Pools

One of the most Instagram-worthy modern pool designs that you should be asking pool builders in Chandler about are infinity pools.

The design of infinity pools disguises the edges of the pool, giving the illusion that the water continues until it hits the surrounding landscape and abruptly ends. This effect is achieved by creating a lowered space where the water can spill out over the top of the pool walls.

It’s then caught and pumped back into the pool to keep the levels high enough to achieve the infinity look.

This design has become extremely popular in recent years with high-end resorts and hotels. This means that adding one to your backyard will give it an instant luxury resort appeal for you and your guests.

Infinity pools with glass sides give your pool an even more luxurious feel, as it gives the allusion that the water of your pool is floating in mid-air.


One fun pool design trend that is both modern and functional is a zero-entry pool.

This trend channels the feel of walking into the ocean from a beach, only without the waves.

This is perfect for families with children of all ages. Little ones can splash around in the shallow end, and, as they grow, progress deeper into the pool (with adult supervision, of course).

A zero-entry pool is also great for placing lounge chairs in the shallow end so that you can layout and relax while staying cool in the summer heat.

Contemporary Minimalism

If you’re dreaming of a truly modern look for your pool, be sure to ask pool builders in Chandler about creating a contemporary minimalist design.

This design features clean lines and simple, industrial materials. Pools of this design may feature concrete-like walls with sharp, 90 degree corners.

They skip the colorful, glitzy tiles that have been popular with pool designs in the past. Instead, they feature cool, simple colors like gray, black, and white.

The result is a minimalist look with a cool, modern feel. Accent this pool design with broad-leafed plants, concrete accents like planters or benches, and contemporary outdoor furniture.

A Pool That Mirrors Your Home’s Style

When you buy a pre-made, fabricated pool, you get a plain, uncreative design that millions of other homeowners already have.

But when you utilize the help of pool builders in Chandler, you can create a pool design that is as unique and creative as you are.

One awesome design trend that you have to ask pool builders in Chandler about is making your pool design mirror the lines and style of your home.

If your home has a modern, contemporary look, your pool builders can help you recreate the solid lines and simple design with your pool.

If your home features a fun, beach-side vibe, your pool designers can help you create an oasis that looks as though it was built when your home was.

Mirroring your home’s style and design is a great way to create a professional, high-end look in your backyard. You’ll give your home the appearance of extending into your backyard seamlessly.

Create an Oasis

Your pool is likely to become an area of relaxation for you. You should think about how you plan to relax in that space while you’re designing it.

Creating raised platforms above the water for relaxing on a lounge chair, or incorporating an area within your pool where you can sit and chat with friends will make your pool both functional and modern.

Talk to your pool builders in Chandler about how you plan to enjoy your pool. They’ll be able to help suggest ways to make the most out of your pool so that it fits your unique wants and needs.

Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping and Accents

Modern design trends don’t end with the designing and building of your pool.

The accents surrounding your space, including your choice of furniture, landscaping, and more, all work together to create the space.

If you want a modern pool area, you need to find ways to incorporate that style into the accents.

Choose trendy, modern plants, like palms with flat leaves, cacti, and ornamental grasses to create a lush oasis around your pool.

Choose modern, simple furniture that is both comfortable and ascetically pleasing, and arrange different sitting areas around your pool.

You can also create a functional, modern looking space by adding fireplaces or spaces for grilling around your pool deck.

Talk to your pool builders in Chandler about adding other modern accents, like a waterfall or other feature.

Working With Your Pool Builders in Chandler

Now that you know a few modern design trends, it’s time to start working with pool builders in Chandler to design your backyard oasis.

Choose one of these trends to focus on, or use them as inspiration to create your own space. Talk to your builder about ways to make your pool space fit you and your family’s unique needs or lifestyle. Find ways to incorporate your personal style into the design.

Once you’ve designed and built your pool, accent your space with furniture, landscaping, and other elements that match your chosen design.

If you’re ready to start designing your perfect pool space, schedule your free design consultation today to see how we can help bring your ideas to life!

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