5 Astonishing Small Pool Designs That Make Big Splash


Some may wonder, why would you choose a small pool? Smaller pool sizes fulfill the needs of many homes.

  • Someone might have a backyard too small for a traditionally-sized pool
  • Someone might have a large backyard, but want to preserve the yard and have a pool that doesn’t take up space
  • People only want to relax in their pool and don’t need a large pool for playing in
  • People want a lower-cost pool option

Many customers find a small pool a very rewarding addition to a backyard. The problem is, how do you choose what you want your pool to look like? This article provides some different options that work great for small pools.

1. Organic Pool Shapes for Landscaping Beauty

Organic pool shapes are designed to look like a natural lake. Sometimes they almost resemble a kidney bean. They have a lot of random edges. They are also called “freeform.”

Choosing this kind of small pool for your backyard has a lot of advantages. One, when you don’t have a lot of space, an organic shape can be chosen and adapted to what you do have available. That means it can blend into the existing landscaping.

Two, this kind of pool can be an interesting architectural addition to your backyard. It means it’s not a large thing in the way of the rest of the yard — it actually helps to beautify your backyard and make it more enjoyable to look at.

Three, this pool provides inlets and areas to plant foliage and shrubbery around the pool edge. This also helps make it more appealing and natural, making up for the small size of it.

Four, these pools make it easier to have multiple kinds of features in the same backyard. The design can section off some areas for swimming and diving, some for small-child play, and some for tanning.

And organic pool will give you the impression that you are dipping into a local pond for a swim and make you forget that you didn’t have the backyard space for anything larger.

2. Simple Rectangles (Or Their Sister, the L Shape)

Simple rectangles are still a great option for pools. Especially when it comes to smaller pools, it means you can make them any size you want and fit them anywhere.

There are some homes with rectangle pools not much bigger than a tub. These pools are made for pure relaxation.

Rectangle pools, with their sharp 90-degree angles, also are a perfect choice for those who are looking for modern, minimalist backyard designs. Check out this awesome modernist pool.

Freeform pools are not exactly minimalist. The geometric shape of rectangular pools blends easily with contemporary architecture.

If you need to have a pool cover in order to preserve head or protect the pool from falling leaves, a rectangular shape is best. It’s way easier to get a fitting pool cover for this shape of pool

There is also the option of having just a jacuzzi. While jacuzzis are usually circular in shape, a rectangle provides an unexpected shape for it.

An extension of the simple rectangle is the L-shaped pool. It’s a normal rectangular pool with an extra bit attached that makes it look like an “L”. This extra bit is usually where you build in the entrance.

It also provides a spot where you can have a separate area for separate activities. The adults can do laps in the larger part and young children can hang out safely in the smaller part of the pool.

Rectangles and L’s are great small pool options.

3. Spill Water and Other Special Water Features

If you’re worried about a small pool looking dumb in your yard, then having special water features is a great option. These features can turn the pool into a tropical oasis that adds to the look of the backyard whether there is a person in the pool or not.

These water features, like fountains or spill water, can provide a variety of effects, from modern and sleek to funky tropical. Just pick the water feature that suits your backyard.

4. Lap Pool

A lap pool is a pool designed to be long and skinny. It’s made specifically so that people can have more length to complete laps in the pool for exercise or for fun.

The lap pool is also a great option for people who have a limited amount of space in their backyard. This is because it can often fit into one side of the yard while also leaving space for grass or for a patio. They also fit well in yards with unusual, long and skinny dimensions.

A lap pool also means that one can get some kind of practical activity and exercise while maintaining an overall small pool volume.

There are also artificial lap pools. These pools provide an artificial current to swim against. This means you are able to swim far while not actually moving at all.

It’s a wonderful innovation in pools that allows people to have practical, useful lap pools in a very tiny area. This option is popular for those who are swimming for health reasons and for therapeutic, healing reasons.

Swimming is considered one of the best, low-impact forms of exercise and owners of lap pools get to reap the benefits of that. Triathletes use these kinds of pools for iron-man events.

5. Round Pool

Depending on the shape of your backyard, a circular pool might be a great option. It can provide a compact, attractive pool that will fit in small spaces. It’s a great compliment to certain backyard landscaping trends.

Round pools are an alternative to the rectangle pool if you are looking for a sleek, modern look in your yard.

Finding Someone to Install Your Small Pool

Small pools are a challenging design project. If you want to install one, then be sure to consult someone with tons of design experience who will help make sure the pool makes your backyard better, not tack.

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