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Paver Patio & Walkway Design and Installation

Although concrete is functional for walkways and patios, paver stone designs and installation not only stand up to the rigorous weather conditions in Phoenix – but elevate the overall look and feel of your property significantly. Edgewater Design Company specializes in full-service outdoor landscaping projects – including paver patio, walkways and even driveway design and installation services. We have been a leading provider of these services throughout the Southeastern Phoenix Valley in cities like Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Ahwatukee and Tempe for several years. With every project we undertake, taking your vision from concept to finished product is our objective.

Our Proven Process for Designing and Installing Paving Projects

One of the trademarks of EDC is the quality of work we complete with every outdoor landscaping project. Whether it’s the design of a custom swimming pool or creating a paver patio for your backyard or front walkway, we stick to following a three-step plan that always produces quality results.

Step 1 – Planning the Design and Construction of the Paver Project

If you have an idea, the best way to bring it to life is through planning. When it comes to creating a paver project in Southeastern Phoenix, reviewing the layout of the property and noting the existing structures and elements such as buildings, other paved areas, material of the ground, fences and other structures is crucial. Our first step at EDC is to meet with you to discuss the paver project during a free consultation. During this meeting, we’ll talk about your vision as well as the condition of the property; so we have a good understanding of what materials and procedures are needed to construct a durable and practical paver walkway or driveway.

Step 2 – Conceptual Ideas and Budget

After we’ve met and determined on an initial concept and project scope, the next step is to provide you with an initial conceptual design and budget to bring the project from concept to finished construction. We might need to visit the property to take measurements and inspect the condition of the property and other elements needed, but we will always seek your approval before we begin any work. When we have a good understanding, we’ll agree to terms and begin the design phase.

Step 3 – Contracts & Construction Planning

Once we have agreed to terms and signed a contract, the fun begins. We’ll create a design and receive your approval before beginning the construction planning and actual construction project. To ensure any paver project is built correctly, there are several steps that should be followed such as:

  • Starting with a good, level area. Professionals always consider drainage, slope and other conditions while they design the paver project. Although we don’t get a lot of rain, when it does come in the monsoon season, we can get a lot of it quickly. Factoring in drainage is what separates professionals from the competition.
  • Excavation & Prep: Creating the right base materials is also a vital element to building a professional paver project. Sometimes sand will do the trick, while other projects require different levels of gravel as a base material.
  • Installation: Once the excavation has been completed, making sure the base is compact and solid is the next critical step. Professional landscaping companies use professional equipment to make sure the foundation is solid. After the base is solid – installation is completed.

Anytime you have an idea for a paver design project in Southeast Phoenix, a phone call to EDC is a smart first step. Over the years we have built our reputation based on the quality of our work and clear and transparent communication with our clients. If you would like to learn more about our paver services in Phoenix, and to receive an estimate or set up a free design consultation, contact us today.
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