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Travertine Decking

Travertine is a natural stone in the marble and limestone family. Interestingly, it is often formed by high-temperature geothermal waters around geysers and hot springs and is even found in areas of Arizona where there is little geothermal activity. It is a porous stone with excellent absorbency, which makes it more non-slip than many materials used as decking material.

With Travertine you get absorbency like a concrete pool deck, but with lower surface temperatures in our Phoenix summer temperatures. The benefits of using Travertine were discovered long ago, as the Romans used it as a primary building material in the Colosseum, which is now nearly 2,000 years old. How’s that for durability?

One of the great upsides to Travertine is that its natural beauty can be used to complement any style or decor needs you may have. Its durability and look make it a much more economically feasible option to marble, but with the same gorgeous finished look. Like other tile types, Travertine comes in several different thicknesses and a broad array of colors. There are a number of finishes to choose from, as well, depending on what specific look you desire.

  • Polished is polished and smoothed to a high shine with a look like that of marble
  • Honed is smoothed with a lesser shine than polished
  • Brushed maintains a more rustic look with a rougher texture and low shine
  • Tumbled gives the look that is most natural, with more texture and rounded edges

Travertine really does give you a great deal of flexibility in matching any look you are seeking for your patio or pool decking material. Edgewater Design will work with you in designing your outdoor space and in finding the right Travertine finish and color for your specific application.

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About Edgewater Design Company

Edgewater Design Company has a proven track record for designing beautiful and functional travertine decks in Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek and Tempe. Our passion for delivering superior customer service and our dedication to producing quality results allows us to take your concepts from vision to reality – while staying within your budget. Our experience designing full-service landscaping projects ranging from pool design to natural water features and pool decks allows us to consider multiple factors that ensures your project will start and finish on time and with superior craftsmanship you expect.

Why Travertine Decking is a Smart Choice in Phoenix

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your pool or backyard deck, there are several benefits for using travertine pavers – especially in Southeastern Phoenix. Some of the leading reasons why you should consider this type of material include:

  • Decreased surface temperature: Nobody loves to walk over hot stones in their backyard – especially if you’re getting in or out of a swimming pool. The travertine pool decks tend to be 20 to 30 percent cooler than most natural stone surfaces or concrete. Of course, the darker materials will collect more heat than lighter, but this will not only keep your feet cooler, but can increase longevity as well.
  • More water absorbent: While concrete is traditionally a great absorber of water, most tiles or flagstone materials are not. Since most swimming pools have children or elderly that use them in the Phoenix area, making sure the deck surface can absorb water quickly is a primary concern. Travertine decks have a better slip resistant rating than other tiles and stones.
  • Non-Fading Natural Stone: While high-end paving materials are designed with fade resistant material, overtime and extended exposure to the Arizona sun says differently. Travertine pool deck material is a natural stone, with a permanent color that will not fade overtime.
  • Incredibly Durable: While it’s considered to be a soft-stone, travertine is twice as strong as concrete. This makes this surface incredibly durable and does not require frequent patching like concrete decking.

Anytime you work with EDC, we follow a proven three-step process for designing and constructing your pool deck. First, we will meet with you during a free design consultation to answer any questions you have and get a general understanding of the project. Once we have a baseline, we’ll provide you with an initial design concept and outline costs. Upon approval and signing of contracts, we’ll proceed to design and install a travertine deck that will be elegant and functional.

If you would like to learn more about the travertine deck design and construction services in Phoenix, give us a call at (480) 389-7114 or sign up for a free design consultation!

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