7 Tips for Hiring a Pool Building Contractor in Gilbert

Gilbert AZ pool building contractor hiring tips

Summer is here. People living in Arizona know all about the sweltering 120 degrees heat that could plague certain parts of the state.

For many of them, a professionally crafted built-in pool is an important tool in their heat-beating arsenal.

If you live in the vicinity of Gilbert, Arizona and are adding a pool to your home, you’re probably searching for the best pool building contractor in Gilbert.

As you search, it’s important to understand that not all pool contractors are created equal. Picking the right one can have a massive impact on the quality of work.

To help you find a top Gilbert pool building contractor, our team has put together seven tips to consider when picking who to do business with. Our hope is that these tips will help you filter your options and choose a skilled professional.

1) Ensure Your Contractor Is Licensed and Insured

This should be the first question you ask when hiring any sort of contractor. Before you let somebody come into your home and break ground, make sure they’re licensed to do contracting work in your state and have adequate insurance.

Not having a license could mean letting an unqualified person dig a 10-foot deep hole in your yard. That’s a recipe for disaster.

It could also mean you being liable for property damage your contractor causes or even injury to employees while they’re working on your property.

So, if you’re thinking of doing business with a pool building contractor in Gilbert, be sure to open your discussion with them by asking if they’re licensed and insured.

2) Ask to See Their Portfolio

Pools are as much form as they are function. They can tie together the look of not only your yard but your whole home.

To make sure that your pool contractor’s artistry aligns with your vision, you’ll want to see pictures of their prior work. Most contractors will have their portfolio up on their website or will be happy to share their recent works with you upon request.

3) Leverage Word of Mouth

There’s nothing more important when deciding to do business with someone than word of mouth. If you know somebody who has had a good relationship with a pool building contractor in Gilbert, ask for the contractor’s details.

If you don’t personally know anybody that has a trusted pool contractor in mind, take to the internet. Leverage review sites like Facebook and Yelp to look for a contractor with high ratings.

A little diligence finding a contractor with a good reputation upfront can save you a massive headache later on in your relationship.

4) Understand That the Lowest Price Isn’t Everything

We get it, money is always something that people are looking to get the most value for. Consequently, when people shop for pool contractors, they tend to gravitate towards the lowest prices.

Let’s be clear though, the lowest price does not represent the best value when it comes to building a quality pool. A good contractor will charge you a fair rate and make sure all of the work around your pool gets done right the first time.

A bad contractor will dangle an ultra-low price in front of you, get your business, and then do a cut-rate job. They may even subcontract work to amateurs or find ways to charge you on the back end.

Be sure to look for a reasonable price and a good product when shopping for pool contractors, not a price that’s just the lowest.

5) Find a Contractor Who Takes Consultations Seriously

An average contractor may give you a ballpark quote before asking you to bring them on to build your pool. A contractor who’s deeply invested in giving you the best product will do so much more.

They will be open to seeing your space, making recommendations, and giving you an in-depth design consultation. This consultation will leverage images, renderings, or some other means to help you visualize the product you’re going to get.

That type of passion and product transparency is something you should always look for with a pool building contractor in Gilbert.

6) Seek a Couple of Opinions

Sometimes, when you talk to a contractor, you feel a deep connection to their services. We respect that feeling and always strive to inspire it in our clients.

Still, even if you’re jiving with a pool building contractor on a deep level, you owe it to yourself to talk to at least one more expert to make sure that you’re getting what you’re looking for.

Building a pool is a big investment, so take your time to find the right team for the job.

7) Understand the Full Breadth of Pool Ownership Costs

Like we mentioned earlier, pools are a fantastic investment in the way of both form and function for your home. Still, there are costs associated with pool buying, some that go beyond the purchase price.

As a pool owner, be prepared to pay for regular maintenance.

Also, expect to pay for adequate safeguards if you have children or pets that pools could represent a danger to. Talk to your relevant insurance providers to understand how a pool may affect your rates.

A good contractor will always want you to be fully informed before jumping into building a pool. Do your research and consider all pool related implications on your life before choosing to buy.

Hiring a Pool Building Contractor in Gilbert Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

If you live in the Gilbert area and are looking to get a pool built, it’s important that you pick the right contractor for the job.

To help give yourself the best odds of making the right choice, we recommend considering the tips listed above. Doing so can save you money and vastly improve the quality of the pool you get!

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