5 Things to Look for in a Landscape Contractor in Chandler

landscape contractor in chandler az Like a newly refashioned bathroom and kitchen, well-designed landscaping can dramatically raise your home’s value. When it’s time to sell your home, the landscape in your front yard is central to your home’s curb appeal–it’s the very first impression folks will get when they come to your home. A landscape contractor in Chandler or landscaping […]

7 Tips for Planning Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures

Adding permanent outdoor shade structures to your backyard isn’t just a home improvement project. It’s also good for your health. While sunscreen might help matters a little, a recent report found that 80% of sunscreens don’t really work–and have worrisome ingredients to boot. Getting backyard shade options, on the other hand, is a surefire way […]

7 Tips for Hiring a Pool Building Contractor in Gilbert

Gilbert AZ pool building contractor hiring tips Summer is here. People living in Arizona know all about the sweltering 120 degrees heat that could plague certain parts of the state. For many of them, a professionally crafted built-in pool is an important tool in their heat-beating arsenal. If you live in the vicinity of Gilbert, Arizona and are adding a pool to […]

8 Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Tips to improve outdoor living spaces Does taking a step outside to your backyard cause you to cringe because all of your beautiful plants died during the winter? Then it’s time to dig out those dead plants and improve your backyard for the coming spring and summer. Dead bushes and dirty patio furniture are not what anyone wants to see during […]

Most Popular Backyard Shade Solutions for Chandler Home Owners

Chandler AZ residential backyard shade solutions Relaxing in your backyard isn’t always just about soaking up the sun. Summers in Chandler can be especially sweltering, and sometimes outdoor spaces can become too hot or too bright for comfort. It’s important to stay cool and be protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays. From solid shade structures to lattices, there are a lot […]

5 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Home Entertainment

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You probably won’t be surprised to find that outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity. Moving an activity hub like a kitchen outdoors allows for more entertaining space and a chance to spend time outside. While a popular trend, deciding exactly what you want and how you want it to look can be challenging. Are […]

How to Turn Your Dream Backyard Ideas Into a Reality

design your dream backyard What does your dream backyard look like? Do you have a pool or a fire pit? Maybe your vision is to have an outdoor living space and kitchen. About 70% of households with an outdoor space use it at least once a week in-season. About 70% of those households want to make their space more […]

5 Questions To Ask Your Pool Deck Contractor

must ask questions for your pool deck contractor Did you know that there are over 10.4 million residential pools in America? Furthermore, research shows that swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity in the country. Whether you’re looking to install a new pool or remodel your existing one, it’s important to know what kinds of questions you need to ask your […]

5 Beautiful Water Feature Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Incorporating a water feature design into your garden is one of the best ways to add an elegant touch to your yard. Not only does the trickle of water add a relaxing atmosphere, water also adds to the ecology of your garden. Here are 5 elegant water feature design ideas sure to complete your garden.

5 Benefits Of Travertine Decking In Chandler

Benefits Of Travertine Decking In Chandler In Chandler, you can count on summer to be sweltering and dry. That 96-degree air temperature translates to more than 150 degrees on sun-warmed concrete. Think of your tender feet! Your backyard pool is an oasis against the heat of summer. You need a deck that’s beautiful, durable and safe for bare feet. Travertine is […]

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