EDC creates plans that consider all factors critical to a landscape that is both beautiful and functional.

In designing a landscape, no matter how large or small, our Designers consider the exposure of the planting, the size and scale of the area in relation to the plant options, the amount of desired maintenance, the architectural style of the house, and budget.

A plan based on these factors produces a long-lived, low maintenance landscape that is a beautiful and equitable addition to your home.

Our Design Process:

  • Design Consultation
  • Presentation and Cost
  • Contract


In order for your landscape to look its best, you must take care of it. At EDC, we can not only provide you with the incredible landscape design and installation, we can also help you to take care of it so all you have to do is enjoy it. Although many people view maintenance as simply something that keeps their landscapes looking great each week, we view it as something that keeps your landscape looking great for its lifetime. Every time we come to your site we are reflecting the pride we have in our services by polishing your investment.

  • Bi-Annual and Annual Maintenance
  • Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Cleanup
  • Monthly Maintenance

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